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Acetate Lining Fabric

by Ainun Najwa

When beginning a sewing business, we always take into consideration the kind of materials we use. However, we tend to forget about the lining. We do not ask ourselves how we can choose the best lining materials to line our clothes with. Though a lining is a very discreet part of pour clothing, it is one of the most important. It is key to hiding ugly and unfinished seams and other details you may not want to be visible.

It also offers a great creativity to the whole project of sewing. You can match your materials with the li9nings or design them in a way that will bring out the beautiful contrast of the colors.

There are several lining materials that you can chose from the market today. From the most used to the cheapest. They come in form of acetate, satin, jersey and even the most luxurious silks used in couture. In my own point of view, there are no rules that should be used when selecting a lining material. It depends on what the project demands. For instance, don’t hesitate to use fur in a winter coat. Acetate is also one of the best materials since it is soft and beautiful. You should consider using it regularly.

Acetate Lining Fabric

Acetate lining fabric

This is perhaps one of the most favorite lining materials. It is a good quality lining that comes in array of colors with more body than polyester lining. In fact I consider this a perfect substitute for polyester. It is a little bit shinny; however, though it is almost similar to polyester linings, it is of higher quality. This material is breathable and static free. The fabric is also of high quality, ensuring that it will last longer on your garments. You should definitely go for it. It will make a better option than polyester.

Silk Lining

The word silk itself can be swapped for luxury. This statement even becomes stronger when it comes to lining. It bios a very expensive material and in most cases not worth the money. Nevertheless, if you want to put some extra luxurious feeling on your garment you should definitely go for this. It is actually natural fiber which makes it very breathable. If you are looking for something beautiful and long lasting, I would advise you to go with this material

Cotton Lining

Cotton fabric is yet another very popular option. Though it might feel somehow rough, it is light weight and breathable. This is a great option for children clothes or garments that are meant to be worn during summer since it is easy to wash.

It is my hope that you will find this guide useful. Personally, I would encourage you to experiment on all these materials. However, natural fibers such as acetic will make the best linings. Ensure that the lining is smooth enough since it is the part of your cloth that is closest to your body. Synthetic linings are not the best since they make you sweat. They do not absorb odors and are bad heat regulators.

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