Chenille Upholstery Fabric Durability

  • Ainun Najwa
  • May 31, 2021

Thousands of fabrics can be used to make a sofa but how durable they are is always the big question. Many people, for example, have been trying to get information on chenille upholstery fabric durability, If you are one such person then you are reading the right article. The chenille is a French word meaning “caterpillar” a name it was given to it due to its soft and dense material which gives the fabric a fuzzy feel. The look and feel of the material can fool anybody into thinking that it’s not durable, however on average use, the fabric is very durable and can be an excellent choice for making sofas for families.

Chenille Upholstery Fabric DurabilityEven though this is the different case types of chenille can be used on various couches further other features such as weave tightness, pile direction; the stain factor also affects its durability.

Weave tightness

The fabric is made of a yarn having a raised and textured surface known as the stack. The chenille upholstery fabric durability depends on how tightly woven the piles are, the collections that tightly woven are stronger than their counterparts which are loosely structured and consequently more durable.

Proper pile direction

The pile direction for the cushions should run towards the front of the sofa and at the same time for the back cushions the pile should be aligned downward. These alignments are crucial as they ensure that the direction directly corresponds to the direction of people sitting on and getting up from the sofa to reduce wear and tear and therefore lengthening the life of the couch.


Cleaning plays a significant role in determining the durability of most things, and chenille fabric is not an exception. Cleaning reduces agents of nature like debris, dust, mold, etc. from piling up in the weave works of the material which play a significant role in depreciation .To avoid this:

  1. Frequently vacuum your sofa to prevent debris and dust build up, occasionally use a soft brush to comb the nap maintain its soft feel and look.
  2. Avoid using water on this material water has a tendency of flattening out the piles and reducing the fuzziness of the fabric.
  3. Frequently flip or rotate your cushions to avoid uneven wear and tear of the upholstery.
  4. Occasionally call in a professional to help you clean your sofas to maximize its lifespan.

The stain factor

Another major factor affecting the chenille upholstery fabric durability is the stain factor.To improve durability some of the chenille fabrics are pre-treated with stain-resistant finishes which form protective cushions around fibers. The protective barrier effectively works by causing the spills to bead up on the fabric making the easier to eliminate. To get rid of such spills efficiently, immediately use Blot liquid spills and a soft cloth but avoid rubbing.The effectiveness of stain-resistant finishes, however, wear off with time therefore spray a fresh coating after some time.


Chenille is a strong material. However, sunlight can go to a great extent in reducing its lifespan through fading. Some chenille manufacturers, however, use a some chemical materials to reduce the effect, however, this will protect the fabric for only a few years it is, therefore, important to protect the upholstery from direct sunlight.

Supporting cast

To ensure that the upholstery lives up to its expectation as a robust and heavy duty cover the supporting cast is also a primary factor to consider. The supporting cast refers to the frame of the furniture on which the upholstery is placed. A construction below the upholstery for example cushy padding and quality springs protects the fabric from the hard wooden parts.


As seen above the chenille upholstery fabric durability is dependent on various factors which are in fact manageable .Chenille is a strong, sturdy, durable fabric which lasts averagely longer than most upholstery fabrics. The material is also easier to clean and maintain plus it has a fuzzy, soft feeling which makes it comfortable and inviting. The upholstery is ideal for average use and is a good choice for use on family and office sofas.

The fabric color makes it a utility upholstery choice as its look works with nearly any décor since it is available in many patterns and styles. It, therefore, uses it as a retro room as an accent; a few pieces can also add beauty to a modern room; it can also be used to achieve a rich and romantic look. The upholstery is limitless in the applications with a little creativity a lot is achievable with the upholstery.