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Different Types of Dress Fabric

by Ainun Najwa

Picking best types of dress fabric out of the lot is the secret of success in dress making. There are different types of fabrics available in market and each of them have some distinct characters knowing which are important for using them as dress material in the true sense of fashion and making designer collection.

The whole range of fabrics can be viewed from an online fabric wholesalers’ site however, it is important to understand the best uses of these fabrics so that you can utilize them up to their best effect and you can plan designs for better dress for you and your close pals.types of dress fabric

The most common types of dress fabric available are organza, silk fabric, stretch fabric, chiffon fabric, silk chiffon fabrics; there are some common uses of these fabrics which denote their functional names like chiffon is called bridal fabric, organza is best known as upholstery fabric, and stretch fabrics are known as hospitality fabric. While we will be making our dress plan we should have to keep an eye on the nature of these fabrics so that the dress plan clicks for procuring best possible result.

It is always better to select fabrics from fabric wholesalers’ outlets because the option range available here is wider than any common retail point. It is possible to view the latest arrivals of fabrics here also. For example, if you are planning for formal or casual ladies’ tops, you cannot do anything leaving chiffon fabric behind. Chiffon fabrics are also used for making scarf, knee-length skirt, fashionable frilly gown, and of course good and colorful bridal outfits. After silk, chiffon is the universal choice of dress designers for making good looking bridal outfit and this is the reason chiffon is always called designers’ darling and best bridal fabric.

However, there are two types of dress fabric available in market from the aspect of its origin; the first type is natural fabric and the second option is synthetic fabric. Whereas silk and cotton fabrics belong to natural fiber list, stretch fabrics has lot many members under the club- banner. Like chiffon fabrics, organza, and other synthetic varieties are straightaway used for making different formal and informal wear. Both eastern and western wear can be made with chiffon material and this fabric type is available with large color variants.

Organza can be utilized for making drape and frilly dress for ladies. It is available in different floral designs thus it has an innocent natural charm. Apart from ladies dress, kids’ designer dress can be best designed by this type of fabric.

If you are planning to make an expensive and dress, there will never be better option than silk as dress material. The sublime shine and shimmer of silk works nicely and elevates the style statement of the user. Commonly silk is used for dress material of different wares like shirts, dresses, blouses, lingerie, robes, pajamas, beach dresses, and types of skirts suits.

Good quality outfit cannot be made out of good fabric alone; it needs support of good dress design also and design is figure specific. Therefore when you are opting for making best dressing, it is good to do some research for you figure specific dress designs and also types of dress fabric texture. That is another secret for making best dress.

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