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Different Types of Knit Fabric

by Ainun Najwa

In order to design beautiful clothes that you love to wear, having an idea regarding different types of knit fabric surely helps.Online fabric store have made it easy for the buyers to pick up the exact selections they like based upon specific budgets and requirements. If you are planning to sew a garment anytime soon, it is surely time to pick up the exact fabric that touches your heart. Go for wrong choices and all you have in your hands is an unsuccessful project.

Types of Knit Fabric

This includes the following types of knit fabric which are used for knitting.

  1. Voile Cotton.
  2. Rayon Challis.
  3. Lawn Cotton
  4. Denim
  5. Knit.

Textile industry is one of the industries that cannot be neglected thus, it is booming these days. Moreover, many different types of knit fabric are being introduced in order to fulfill the needs of consumers. Thus, there is a wide range of types of knit fabric in the market which enables you to choose the best one as per the requirement.

However, if we categorize the type of fabrics then we will have basically three categories. These are:

  • Natural fabric (naturally obtained)
  • Synthetic fabric (man-made)
  • Fabric blends (combination of synthetic and natural fabrics)

Natural fabrics are obtained from the natural resources like plants and animals only. Sheep, alpacas, goats, rabbits and silkworm come under the category of animal whereas; bamboo, hemp, flax, pineapple leaves and cotton come under the category of plant.

Synthetic fabrics are man-made fabrics therefore; they usually go through various manufacturing procedures. For example: some kind of chemicals pass through the spinnerets (tiny holes in fabric) to create fibers. Acetate, polyester, spandex and nylon are some of the examples of synthetic fabrics.

By mixing natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics, many types of different fabrics can be obtained. Moreover, it also depends on the type and quality of the fabrics that are being used to create different types of fibers. For example: wool and cotton can be mixed together to create a fabric that can offer better comfort whereas, polyester and ramie can be mixed to create a fiber that can be taken care of easily.

In addition, all the fabrics whether they are natural, synthetic or fabric blends, they can be categorized further as woven fabric, non woven fabric or knit.

Woven fabrics include taffeta, muslins and poplin. Moreover, three other types of weaves such as twill, satin and plain are also included in woven fabrics.

Non woven fabrics are connected tightly with each other through chemical procedures however; these are not so strong in nature. Moreover, these fabrics do not use for fashion designs.

Knit fabrics are more comfortable to wear as they have the ability to get stretched. Some types of knit fabrics are double knit, stretch knit, rib knit, jersey and interlock.

Since all the fabrics have their own features and properties thus, anyone can choose any types of fabric which can be as per the needs and requirements. For example: plan weave fabric made from cotton is perfect for those who are beginners and learn sewing. On the other hand, satin and other sheer fabrics are difficult to sew thus, only experts sewers can work with them.

Moreover, there are many other things to know about types of knit fabric and thus, it would take a while to be familiar with them.

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