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Different Types of Clothing Fabric

by Ainun Najwa

Being one of the fast evolving industries, textile industry offers a wide range of fabrics these days. However, some of the people still find it hard to get the best fabric as they do not know much about these fabrics. No doubt, every fabric can have various colors, textures and types however; if you look closely then you will find that they consist of various types of features and properties as well.

Types of Clothing Fabric

So, consider all the features and properties of all types of clothing fabric before you choose it for your project.
Moreover, if you are one of them who do not know much about the fabrics then consider the below mentioned types of fabrics which will help you out in understanding them in a better way.


The most popular among the different types of clothing fabric in the world, used to make a range of clothing from Sari’s in India to underwear in Marks &Spencer, it is known that man has made cotton into fabric since 3000BC. Cotton is grows on plants which are then harvested and manufactured using water. It’s plentiful, cheap and can be as delicate as a handkerchief or as tough as denim.


Being light in weight and robust in nature this, fabric offers an ease while washing, cleaning and sewing. Thus, people prefer the outfits made out of this fabric.


Although, nomex is not so common among the people however, it is used commonly to make apparels which can be used under harsh conditions. Some of the examples are: car racer’s outfits, fireman’s outfit and many more.


Expensive and delicate, but oh so soft, silk is the supreme of natural fabric, silk is made as nature intended by silk worms, with most of it manufactured in China. Expensive because of the lengthy process of its manufacture silk remains primarily the property of the wealthy.


Over decades, leather is being used to make apparels especially jackets but nowadays, it is also used to make ornamental objects. Thus, it is can seen very commonly. However, due to its high cost factors people have to think actually twice before buying it.

Duck fabric

This fabric is also referred as “duck canvas”, “cotton duck” or simply “duck”. Being robust in nature, this fabric usually comes in heavy, thick and plain woven. Thus, it can last for long serving with its best. Moreover, when it comes to its usage then this fabric can be used to make carry bags, hand bags, shoes, boat covers and tents. However, the issue may arise due to its weight factor.


Commonly used to make apparels such as sneakers, pants, jackets or overcoats, this is one of the types of clothing fabric which is quite popular among the people. Although, apparels made out of this fabric are easy to wear and offer much comfortable yet they may not last long. Therefore, they cannot survive under harsh conditions.

Moreover, when it comes to choosing the best and suitable fabric among the different types of clothing fabric, you should consider not only the quality of fabric but also, the place from where you buy the fabric matters a lot. Thus, conduct deeper research always and prefer to buy online over the web only as many online portals are there over the internet which sell high quality of fabric and that too, at highly discounted prices. Moreover, you may experience the benefits of other excited offers.

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