Features of Spun Polyester Fabric

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Aug 09, 2021
spun polyester fabric

Apart from the designs and colors, the second thing that you expect from a product is a fine texture. An ideal fabric is one which has all the good properties, like smooth texture, skin friendliness and fabrics which offer a long term service. Before, cotton was considered the most ideal material for making clothes, fabrics and home décor products but nowadays many new fabrics have come up which make cotton look inferior.

In this current age, people are equally into style and comfort. They want to feel the comfort while they look glamorous which make it difficult for people to figure the right kind of material for their home decor.

Natural fibers have revolutionized the world and now it’s time for synthetic fibers to change the trend especially in home furnishing industries. Materials like spun polyester are getting people’s attention due to their unique properties. Many new products like bed sheets, covers, diwan sets, table covers, cushion covers are made using this material to add perfection to your home décor.

spun polyester fabric

These spun polyester fabrics will bring a good change inside your home with their smooth texture and excellent designs. Some of the features of spun polyester fabric are listed below:

Features of spun polyester fabric

Smooth Texture

One of the most important feature spun polyester is that it offers a smooth texture. Being a synthetic material, their fibers itself is silky. Bed covers and diwan covers made from this material is ideal for your home as it keeps your bed organized. It gives a smooth texture where you will find complete relaxation and comfort.


This material also offers a long term service as they are resistant to shedding and has high tearing strength. When firmly stitched and woven, these spun polyester fabrics can give you a life time guarantee.

High color retention

Spun polyester has high color retention ability as the colors and prints get perfectly linked on the smooth texture. Even after a long term use, the color and patterns printed will never fade away. You are likely to see color fades in curtains but when you have spun polyester curtains you will never get to see any defects in the quality of prints.

It Wears like Spun polyester but Feels like Cotton

Spun polyester is a very durable and long lasting synthetic fabric, but the only downfall with using it is that it feels fake and synthetic and not very luxurious. It doesn’t have the same softness and it can give a somewhat ‘cheap’ impression. However, spun polyester actually feels like cotton. The material handles like cotton, folds like cotton and even absorbs like cotton. If you are running a hotel or a bed and breakfast, the feeling of the fabric is important because your tablecloth and napkins come into contact with the hands and faces of your guests. The better the fabric feels, the more luxurious their experience will be.

It Can Be Washed Again and Again

While many other fabrics start to show wear and tear with repeated washing, spun polyester is extremely durable even when washed very frequently. Tests on this fabric have shown that it is able to withstand over three hundred washing. When you wash cotton over and over again it will fade, but with spun polyester the fabric will not fade and it will even become softer.

Wrinkle resistant

This material will offer you a seamless plain surface as they are wrinkle resistant and allergen free. You will feel the soothing sensation when you sleep in bed cover made from spun polyester.

Easy maintenance

Clothes and home furnishing products made from this material are very easy to clean and require low maintenance. They are strong and mostly colorfast in nature therefore you can wash them in machine. Even a rough wash would not be enough to damage this fabric.


Spun polyester fabric is available in a huge range of thickness, roughness and strength. They can be mixed and woven with any type of clothing fabric to attain a completely new texture. Bed cover wholesale suppliers also desire a variety of textures so that their client can avail their needs.


Unlike cotton, these fabrics are available at a reasonable price. They are made using synthetic materials which reduces the cost of farming and processing.

WGfabs adopts the use of spun polyester fabrics due to their special features. Home furnishing products like bed covers, bed sheets and diwan covers are all made from this material to ensure a comfortable texture which will offer you an uninterrupted sleep without any interruption.

Properties of Spun Polyester Fabric

Spun polyester fabric is known for its exceptional properties, which contribute to its popularity and wide range of applications. Let’s explore some of the key properties that make spun polyester fabric a standout choice:

A. Softness and Comfort

One of the first things people notice about spun polyester fabric is its soft and comfortable feel against the skin. Unlike some synthetic fabrics that can feel stiff or scratchy, spun polyester is engineered to provide a pleasant tactile experience. This softness is particularly appreciated in clothing items where comfort is paramount, such as t-shirts, dresses, and loungewear. When you wear garments made from spun polyester, you’ll often notice how comfortable they are throughout the day.

B. Durability

Durability is a hallmark characteristic of spun polyester fabric. The fibers are tightly woven, creating a strong and resilient material that can withstand regular wear and tear. This durability makes spun polyester a go-to choice for clothing and textiles that need to endure daily use, whether it’s the rigors of outdoor activities or the repeated washing and drying of bed linens. With proper care, items made from spun polyester can maintain their quality and appearance for an extended period.

C. Moisture-Wicking Abilities

Spun polyester fabric possesses moisture-wicking properties, meaning it has the ability to pull moisture away from the body and onto the fabric’s surface, where it can evaporate. This feature is highly desirable in activewear and sports clothing because it helps keep the wearer dry and comfortable during physical activities. Whether you’re sweating during a workout or facing hot and humid conditions, spun polyester fabric helps regulate your body’s temperature by keeping moisture at bay.

D. Resistance to Wrinkles and Shrinkage

Another advantage of spun polyester fabric is its resistance to wrinkles and shrinkage. Polyester fibers have a natural ability to maintain their shape, even after being folded or crumpled. This means that garments and textiles made from spun polyester are less likely to develop unsightly wrinkles, reducing the need for extensive ironing or steaming. Additionally, spun polyester fabric is less prone to shrinkage than some other fabrics, ensuring that your clothing and home textiles maintain their original size and fit.

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