Getting The Best Brushed Cotton Fabric For Your Projects

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Oct 05, 2022
Brushed Cotton Fabric

Brushed cotton fabric is a luxurious material that is created by use of mechanical process to comb the excess fibre, and rub its surface for smooth and refined finish. And whether you call it brushed cotton, winceyette or flannel, these fabrics are great for cozy and comfortable wear. Being 100% cotton, these fabrics are also breathable and durable to match. To help you find the best cotton fabric for your various use and projects, here are some guiding tips to help you;

Brushed Cotton Fabric
Brushed Cotton Fabric

Durability of The Fabric

Getting brushed cotton fabric with long fibres that can easily be spun into finer yarn. The resulting fine yarn can
easily be bounded tightly, making the resulting fibre strong and more durable. Another key factor is the presence of young kids and pets. Generally you’ll need to look for cotton fabric that is stronger by going for a more heavy fabric as opposed to a light one that is delicate. Generally when the fabric is exposed to sunlight, it slowly fades losing the color. Go for a fabric that is more resistant to fading for increase durability.

Softness of the fabric

Another advantage with the long fibres is that it can easily be turned into yarns that are softer. On the other hand short fibres are difficult to turn them into yarns as you will start seeing the tiny ends of the fibre protruding at every angle. The longer cotton fibres can easily be bound together to prevent them from sticking out in different directions.

Price Of The Fabric

Different stores tend to have different price range for their fabrics. This does not necessarily mean that the expensive fabrics have superior quality to other fabrics of the same type in different stores. Try to compare the fabrics quality from the different stores and see if any fabric has the right quality and recommendation that you want. This may help you to avoid spending a lot on a fabric that you would have otherwise bought it at lower price at different store.

Color Of The Fabric

When it comes to choosing a brushed cotton fabric or any other type of fabric, color is one of the main attributes that most people go for. There are numerous colors and their shades that you can choose from. It is however important that you are able to find the right color that will compliment well with what you are working on and enable your project turns out successful. You can go for bold and trendy colors or just a neutral one that looks more simple but classic.

Referrals From Friends

You can also opt to seek help from your experienced sewer friends on finding the right brushed cotton fabric for your project. This is important especially if you are a beginner, as you will be able to avoid the confusion of having to choose yourself the right fabric. You will be able to also avoid any mistakes that may include purchasing the wrong fabric quality and wasting your time.

With these important guiding tips your purchasing experience in finding the right brushed cotton fabric will become a lot easier and enjoyable. You will be able to get the correct fabric recommendation that will help you to not only save some money and avoid wastage, but also become successful in your projects in the future.