Getting The Right Floral Cotton Fabric

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Oct 08, 2022

Floral cotton fabrics are extremely versatile. You can almost make anything as they are comfortable, easy to maintain and very durable. However, when choosing the right cotton fabric most people would ignore the recommendations and go for a fabric with an awesome floral pattern. This is very common with beginning sewers who believe there is no much difference in getting the right fabric. Basically the difference is total disaster. The fabric and the hours spent on the project all went to waste.

To help you choose the right cotton fabric and avoid all the waste, it’s essential to learn about the cotton fabrics to avoid, especially if you are just starting out. Here some key guiding tips to keep in mind;

Durability of The Fabric

The type of floral cotton fabric that you are looking for will largely depend on their durability. Cotton fabrics are
generally durable fabrics like denim and chino that are mostly used for clothing and are very comfortable. Go for cotton fabrics that have closely woven for extra durability.

Avoid delicate cotton fabrics where children and pets are playing and instead go for stronger fabrics that are still warm and comfortable.

Best Cotton Fabrics To Work With

At times you may find a floral cotton fabric that has the right color and patterns and you instantly fall for it. The truth is that the fabric may be so difficult to work with that only well experienced sewer can turn it into something. Satin fabrics are beautiful and shiny. But the fabric is very difficult to work with.


is also another fabric that is strong and loved by the world very much. The thickness of the fabric makes it difficult to cut and sew. You’ll require very sharp cutting tools and needle that is designed specifically for denim fabrics.

The best cotton fabric especially for beginners is the one that is 100% cotton and closely woven.

The Cost Of The Fabric

The high price tag on the floral cotton fabric should not guarantee you the best quality and neither does a cheap one
suggest the fabric to be of poor quality. It’s important to look at the material closely and exterminate it to ascertain its quality and standard. The fabric should be closely woven with good cotton material that will ensure its durability.

Fabric’s Color And Style

Apart from the quality of the fabric, almost everyone will have a specific color and style when looking for the right fabric. Depending on the type of floral cotton fabric that you are looking for, it is important that you choose a fabric depending on its purpose. Colorful floral fabrics are more suitable for children while neutrals are more suitable in going well with your accessories.

Other Considerations

Cotton fabrics tend to generally shrink when washed. It’s important that after getting the right fabric recommendations and buying it, you ensure that you have the right quantity for your project. Also avoid delicate cotton fabric with lots of texture where pets are more common.

At the end of it all, going for shopping and choosing the right floral cotton fabric or any other fabric should be a purely joyful experience and nothing else. Plus it’s important that you are able to realize the objectives and rewards of the money and time that you invested on every project.