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Polyester knitted fabrics for comfort and resilience

by Ainun Najwa

Polyester is a fabric that contains naturally occurring chemicals like the cutin contained in plant cuticles. It is used in all types of clothing either as pure or blended with cotton. This fiber is easily dyed, strong and resists shrinking, stretching, creasing and mildew. It is also sun resistant. Polyester is made into different types of yarns and threads and contains both natural or synthetic chemicals. Naturally occurring polyesters are biodegradable while the synthetic version is not. Products that are knitted from polyester yarn include blankets, home furnishings and clothing.

Polyester is not grown naturally and it is a popular fabric. Polyester is a polymer that is made of petroleum, air, coal and water. It is used in association with other fabrics to add some qualities to those fabrics, like resistance to wrinkling, Polyester is also used to make other fabric materials hard and give them strength. One of the major advantage of polyester knitted fabric is it dries quickly, does not crumple and is easy to maintain. Polyester is resistant to mildew, other chemicals and abrasion. One disadvantage of polyester is it is not a breathable fabric.

Now that we have understood a bit about polyester fabric let us get a small introduction to knitted fabrics. Knit fabrics are of three types:

  • Crochet fabrics
  • Warp knitted fabrics
  • Weft knitted fabrics

There are many types of knitted fabrics, that are largely used in making clothing like t-shirts, dresses, swim wear etc.
Polyester is used to manufacture several products like industrial fabrics, home furnishings, clothing. It has many advantages over traditional fabric, such as it does not absorb moisture. Its low absorbent nature makes it resistant to stains. Polyester material can be preshrunk during the finishing process, this makes it resistant to shrinking and it avoids stretching out of shape. This fabric can be easily dyed.

Polyester fibers are available in two types: PET and PCDT. PET Is commonly produced, it is more resilient than PCDT. PET can also be used alone or blended with different fabrics for creating wrinkle free and stain resistant clothing, which can retain its shape. PCDT Is more viable for heavier application like curtain draperies, upholstery or furniture coverings.

Polyester can be cheap and shiny as well as expensive and comfortable. It largely depends upon the fabric it is blended. Polyester blended with cotton retains all the good qualities of cotton along with the resilience, the elasticity and the shine of polyester. This fabric is ideal to buy and very comfortable during the summer months. I would recommend that you check the label carefully before buying the fabric.

Polyester knitted fabric is used to make evening wear and fitted clothing as its natural elasticity ensures that it retains shape and it also does not turn at the ends like jersey. This material is chosen to make clothing for its smooth texture, resilience, tenacity and elasticity and it gives a fine texture to the garment made out of it.

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