Purchasing The Right Stretch Cotton Fabric

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Oct 05, 2022
Stretch Cotton Fabric

Stretch cotton fabrics are washable, breathable and fabulous fabrics that we all love. The fabrics have it all when it comes to fitted clothes and are available in numerous varieties. From mid-weight multi-purpose suiting, to woven brocades, to the lightweight prints for tailored shirts. Now, when it comes to selecting the right stretch cotton fabric, the color, patterns, and the finish will be as important as the fabric’s quality and intended use. Below are some guiding tips on how to choose the right fabric;

Stretch Cotton Fabric
Stretch Cotton Fabric

Pattern design and style

Stretch cotton fabrics are available in numerous patterns that you can choose for your work. Depending on the project that you are working on, you should select the fabric with the most desired pattern. The style of the fabric is also very important. From the simple modern look style that is contemporary, to the classic vintage style, choose the styles that will definitely work well with your project.

Fabric color

You will definitely find several colors and shades that you will need to choose from. There are stretch cotton fabrics that are bold in colors and trendy to the ones that are more neutral. If you don’t have something specific, then just go for the neutral colors. They tend to stay fashionable compared to the trendy prints. You can leave the bold fabrics for smaller pieces.

Cost of the fabric

Don’t go for the most expensive stretch cotton fabrics that you can think of. This is because the cost might not necessarily match the quality finish that you want. It’s important that you take your time to check the quality and the make of the fabric and see if it is worth the price. You may be surprised to find a very good cotton fabric at relatively cheaper price. You should also have some budget estimate that is relatively reasonable. This will ensure that you control on how much you use during your purchase.

Thread count

The higher the thread count per square inch, the more closely and tightly the woven cotton fabric is. You can compare the thread count of the chosen fabric with another fabric. A stretch cotton fabric with higher thread count is more resistant to stains and dirt. Also the fabric is more durable and wears better. The exception of thread count is when the threads are really thick.

Try to picture it

A reputable store might help you by showing how your custom made piece will look like in the end. If you happen to purchase in a store that you first pick the frame and then later the fabric and have it custom made, ask for a computer generated image of what the piece will look like. If the store is unable to show you the image, just go to another store. At a small cost you can order swatches (sample) of stretch cotton fabric that you want.

Online stores provide convenience for anybody who wants to buy stretch cotton fabric or any other type of fabric. However it’s important that you are able to see, feel and touch the fabric that you want by physically going to the store. This will also allow you to sample other several fabrics physically and make an informed decision on the right fabric for your work.

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