The Perfect Blend: Exploring the Qualities of Silk Polyester Fabric

  • Ainun Najwa
  • May 31, 2021
Polyester Silk Fabric

Fabrics, in general, can be divided into two types: natural and synthetic. Fabrics like Silk are made from silkworms and can be classified as a natural fabric. Polyester is a synthetic fabric which is completely manmade along with other examples like acrylic, spandex, and nylon. Another manmade fabric is silk polyester fabric, which is a commonly used variety and has the advantage of having both the features of silk and polyester in the same fabric.

The major feature of this type of fabric is its extremely smooth finish, resistance to shrinkage and the fact that the color does not run when it is washed. These fabrics are made from round, profiled polyester filaments or staple fiber yarn and offer long durability and are extremely pleasing to the eye.

Silk Polyester FabricSilk polyester fabric is an extremely pretty manmade fabric. It includes the smooth texture of polyester and the beautiful luster of silk. This fabric is extremely strong and long lasting along with being extremely beautiful in appearance. This fabric can be used as a base fabric for all sorts of fancy and stylish clothes. Ranging from party wear to dresses and gowns for the ladies, this fabric can be used for a variety of clothing types.

Apart from usage in fancy and stylish clothing, silk polyester fabric can also be used in household materials such as tablecloths, curtains, pillow covers, cushion covers and bed sheets. Because of its high tensile strength, which is one of the highest in manmade fabrics, it has the advantage of being extremely durable and long lasting, making it a perfect fabric for such usage.

One important to keep in mind while wearing clothes out of this fabric is that even though it is stain resistant and hides all signs of perspiration, the fabric itself does not breath, unlike pure silk. It is water repellent and so sweat marks will not show, but if you are wearing it in the heat of summer, it will be extremely uncomfortable. So it is a good idea to wear it at other times apart from the summer months. Clothes made of this material should be ideally worn in winter months or alternately in colder countries. A very good example of classy women’s clothing using this fabric is wedding dresses or dresses to be worn at the Prom.

Polyester Silk FabricThis fabric comes in various colors and if you don’t want to buy a readymade dress, then you can always purchase the fabric separately and take it to your tailor to custom make your dress for you as per your choice. When it comes to menswear, this fabric is very useful in ties, linings of tuxedos and party shirts.

The advantage of silk polyester fabric is a conjunction of its durability, due to its polyester characteristics, along with the beautiful look and feel of silk. If you have a requirement for durable and long lasting fabric which looks good, then you cannot go wrong by choosing this fabric in particular. This versatility is a unique point which makes it a very desirable fabric for all sorts of uses ranging from clothing to usage in everyday household materials.