Textile Material

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Oct 22, 2022

Textile materials are created from naturals sources like fur, anima hair, insects cocoons and silk warm cocoons as well as some methods like semisynthetic that use polymer materials. some minerals like metals from foils and wires are also used in this industry. For safety standard at this industry, fibre contents should be provided on content labels for testing.


This is particularly to determine whether its flame resistance, to determine whether is washable or if it must be dry cleaned. With this topic in mind we also need to talk of a fabric material with is made from spreading, weaving, knitting, bonding and crocheting with are further manufactured to produce advanced goods like garments.

Fabric types

Textile materials are made from two types,the natural fibre and those that are man made. the natural fibre are from cotton fabric which is believed to be most soothing and safe materials to use. Cotton fabric make dresses and some beddings. when using cotton fabric in summer it absorbs sweat and keeps the body cool and during winter its gives you the warmth you need. we also have the silk fabric that in most cases it is used in making expensive and luxurious dresses and home furnishing. The leading manufacturer of silk is in USA whereas India is popularly known for its silk.

Linen fabric is another type which is mostly used in home furnishing and apparel making. the material is consider safe for use for all skin, it does not cause any skin irritation or allergies. linen has natural substances that make it possible for it to resist any allergies and the material is very sensitive to the skin. Wool fabric is another type that is widely known and used because of its durability is very lasting. The wool fabric provides warmth in most cases and it has an attractive appearance the material keeps you cool when its hot and dry when sweating.

Wool fabric is resistance to wear and tear and resistance to wrinkles. The material is widely used in carpets and blankets. Leather fabric is another good type, its very comfortable both in cold and hot weather conditions. the leather fabric is firm, elastic and soft. The material is known to retain its original shape when stretched. Other natural types include Hemp, Ramie and Jute fabric.

The man made fabric is that which is made artificial by human, it includes Acetate fabric that is made from cellulose. The material is resistance to mildew, moth and shrinkage. Its very luxurious material that give extreme softness. Chiffon fabric is another type which is manufactured using cotton, silk and synthetic.

The chiffon can be dyed to your desired shape, mostly the material is used in wedding gowns. Acrylic fabric is another type that is artificially manufactured. Its available in two forms Orlon and Courtelle. Nylon fabric, Lastex and Velvet are among the artificial fabric.


Textile materials have been widely used for various purposes by man, though the industries have undergone many challenges due to the material not be available in the current market, the industry is slowly gaining its strength to meet the current economy.

For these industries to grow, all the stake holders should be all involved and work as a team to make the raw materials available and the final products from it to fetch more market in the current market economy. When these industries grow, jobs will be created and many will be employed making the living standard of many people improved. Lets look forward in rebuilding these cotton industries by growing more cotton to make raw material available for the industries.