Types of Crepe Fabric

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Aug 10, 2021

Before we discuss types of crepe fabric, let us first know what crepe fabric is. Crepe is a flexible fabric that has a crinkled appearance. The characteristic crepe fabric surface is possibly the result of tight knotting, weaving or twisting of the fiber, making use of irregular patterns during the weaving process or by embossing the final finished fabric with rollers that are etched with a crepe pattern. The arrangement is indelibly implanted inside the fiber making use of a mix of heat and pressure.

The different types of crepe fabric are made from different types of fibers. These fibers are silk, cotton and silk- like fabrics. The wide variety of crepe fabrics include plisse crepe, Moroccan crepe, crepe de chine, crepe georgette and wool crepe.

Crepe georgette

This type of fabric is thin, silk-like fabric or matte silk that wraps well around the body and is elastic in nature. It is flat and sheer with a granular texture which is also called chiffon at times. The fluidity of the fabric makes it ideal for women’s fashion clothing. Clothes that are designed using this fabric are blouses, dresses, evening wear, skirts and gowns.

Crepe de chine

This one though falls into the category of types of crepe fabric, it is not pronouncedly so. It is made of silk and does not have an outwardly crepe finish. It generally has a smooth, pebbled and matte finish and is frequently used to make luxury evening garments. The weaving of the fabric tends to weaken when exposed to sunlight or perspiration.

Moroccan crepe

This fabric is used to make dresses and suits. It is a heavy textured woven fabric that is crepe in nature and is made of silk, rayon or wool.

Plisse crepe

This type of fabric is made using heavy rollers to imprint a crepe arrangement into the fabric by giving chemical treatment to the fabric. The fabric which is quite often cotton is steeped in wax in a pebbled or striped arrangement which is then dipped into an alkaline solution. The resulting plisse crepe fabric is very strong and does not require ironing.

Wool crepe

This fabric is also called crepon, it is a wiry crepe fabric that is made from a combination of silk and cotton fabric. The crepe pattern on the surface of the fabric is a resultant of the treatment of the fabric during the process of weaving the fabric. This fabric is used to make lingerie and dresses.

The name of this fabric is French for crimped. The versatility of this fabric is immense. It is especially used to make gowns and evening wear, bridal finery and loose-fitting dresses.

The types of crepe fabric are characterized by a puckered, crinkled or pebble like surface with yarns that are highly twisted in the weft and warp. This fabric is usually made with a plain weave. The crinkled texture of this extraordinary fabric can be both rough and smooth. This fabric is woven from all the major fibers, whether they are natural or man-made. Some surfaces of this fabric resemble a tree bark.

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