Types of net fabric. Uses and Tips for Buying Online

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Sep 20, 2021

Net fabric is an open mesh held together by fused by thermoplastic or knots at each point where the yarn crosses one another. Net fabrics can be made of any fiber and are relatively fragile hence require a lot of care when handling or cleaning them. In the past net fabrics were made by knotting of the yarns but today most of them are interloped. There are various types of net fabric. This article will talk about these types, uses of net fabric and how to buy online.

types of net fabric

Types of net fabric

Bobbinet- This is a hexagonal mesh very thin and transparent. It can be fairly coarse or opaque depending on the yarn count of the used material. Tulle- This is also hexagonal usually made from silk or nylon yarns. It is similar to bobbinet but it’s lighter in weight. It is used for trimming or draping of dresses.Fishnet- It is a coarse open-mesh construction created by knotting just like fisherman’s knot.Filet net- This is a square mesh used in millinery. It is fine, very thin and has hexagonal holes.

It is mainly used in fishing in mass quantities. This is because the fabric is very lightweight but it carries a lot of weight. It is also sturdy and flexible hence can accommodate a lot of fish. Fishermen will prefer netting especially when trawling since it can carry a lot of fish without tearing.

It is used in medical grounds as fabric insulation by providing cushion and protection while still allowing the skin to get fresh air.

Net fabric is also used to make camping tents since air can pass through the holes easily hence allowing easy breathing which doesn’t trap bacteria, insects and pests.

Netting fabric is used to make luggage bags because it’s transparent, allows free circulation of air and its sturdy.

Buying Netting Fabric from Online Store

Before you buy net fabric online, you should consider the following factors;

Not all net fabric you find at an online fabric store will be the same size. Some may be quite wide while other fabrics may be very narrow. Some may be very long and then others not as much. That’s why it is important to know how much net fabric you need so that you ensure you buy the right amount the first time around from the online fabric store.

Price is also important when it comes to shopping and buying net fabric online. There are many websites that might sell the same type of net fabric so always search around and make sure you find the very best price. Keep in mind shipping, turnaround time and then that will help you make the right decision.

It is best to settle for a fabric store that sells quality fabrics. It is preferable if the company can send you samples before you make a purchase. It should have a good policy for return just in case you have the need to return the fabric. Sometimes, the net fabric sample you see online is not the one you receive in terms of color and texture. Check the reviews by past customers to make the right selection.

In Conclusion
The different types of net fabric come in different prices. Hence, you need to choose the one which suits your budget. A good fabric store will be honest with the charges. Hidden costs can be frustrating making it better to be aware of the real deal from the word go. Find out about any packaging costs and shipping costs so you know exactly what is going into your order. If you are lucky, you might find a store offering free shipping services or no packaging charges.