Different Types of Linen Fabrics

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Sep 10, 2021
toweling fabric

Linen fabric (also called weave) is made of fiber from the flax plant. It is most popular and most liked by many users due to its vast benefits such as durability, softness, strength, natural origins, antibacterial and antifungal properties. There is a broad range of different types of linen fabrics which can be identified from each other by the weave patterns and the texture. Below is a list of the different kinds of the fabrics discussed in details:

Plain-woven linen fabrics

woven linen fabricsThis fabric is commonly used to wipe glassware and therefore it is sometimes known as a glass toweling fabric. This fabric can be identified by its striped or checkered pattern of blue or red or both on a white background. This type of linen fabric is very absorbent and is best suited for cleaning purposes. Another variation of this fabric is the Holland linen which is treated with starch and oil. This makes it opaque and arduous for penetration of sunlight.

The Holland linen is mostly used for making lampshades and window shades. Another example of the plain-woven linen fabric is the Cambric Linen. It is possibly the finest and thinnest among the plain-woven linen fabrics. It is used to make lingerie, handkerchiefs, etc. Butcher’s linen is coarse, stiff, and mostly used for heavy-duty clothes like butcher aprons.

Loosely woven linen fabrics

loosely woven linen fabricsThese fabrics are loosely woven to make them highly absorbent. It is used in making sanitary towels and diapers. This type of linen fabric includes the bird’s eye linen characterized by small geometric patterns similar to a bird’s eye and the huckaback linen fabric which can be produced from pure linen or a blend of cotton and linen. It is mostly woven is towel lengths. The loosely woven art linen is very smooth, and it is produced from hand-twisted yarns.

Sheeting linen

sheeting linen fabricsThis is a heavy linen type which is mostly used to manufacture sheets. This is the reason why it is made wide. It can also be used in making dresses, suits, and other linen clothing.

Damask linen fabric

This type of fabric is woven on a jacquard loom using a mix of satin and plain weaves. The fibers are mostly reversible and flat, and this gives the damask fabric has a smooth texture with a reversible pattern. To make it outstanding, damask always comes in one color, and it’s mostly used to make tablecloths, napkins, table runners and other home textile pieces. Another example of the damask fabric is Venise, which is characterized by its very fine texture and large floral patterns.


toweling fabricThis is the name given to all linen fabrics which can be used to make towels. This fabric comes in different sizes and shapes and can be utilized for numerous purposes.

Linen fabrics are luxurious due to the work input required to process them. The end products are also luxurious and can be used for various purposes. There are many types of linen fabric which can be used for various functions. Each type of fabric can be identified by its unique characteristics based on texture and patterns.