Fabric Buying Guides | Choosing Ikat Upholstery Fabric

  • Ainun Najwa
  • Sep 16, 2022

Textures, patterns, and colors have a natural way of taking over the when choosing fabric. However, it is important to consider ikat upholstery fabric effect and how it can bring up overall feel and style. The iconic heritage fabric style design utterly helps to transform the space. It is true that the type of textile you use holds a significant and tangible element.

Most upholstery fabric may seem inconsequential, but once you pay a close inspection, they say a great deal. Knit is comforting while silk is opulent and leather is fresh and utilitarian. Luxurious materials like fur and velvet always give an impression of lavish interior and the rope detailing aids in reinforcing nautical theme. Cool Linen indicates of hot and long summer days while flannel has a warm and wintery feel.

Here are your ultimate Fabric Buying Guides.

Differential between textile and fabric
Textiles are a material that is made of yarns or fibers and takes a form of pressed, knitted or cloth fabrics. This means that fabric is the final product of the raw textile that is designed to bring out color, texture, and type of the material.

Check out on Interior Fabric
Fabric comes from multitudes of qualities, styles, and finishes that range from synthetic and natural materials. They are the key elements to give you a soft furnishing design for your Ikat upholstery fabric.

Synthetic and Natural Fabrics
The primary qualities of the natural fabrics include luxuriousness, softness, resilience, and durability while the synthetic materials which are human-made are easily washable, hard-wearing, and economical. The synthetic fabric offers a more improved property when they are mixed with other natural fibers. When choosing your fabric, you need to check on the qualities of synthetic or natural fibers broadly. Today manufacturing techniques have thick ikat upholstery fabric to fit your taste.

Types of the Natural Fabric

Linen has a sturdy yarn, and it is derived from the flax plant, it is hard-wearing, washable and moth resistant. The main core of linen is that it creases very fast making it not ideal to act as an ikat upholstery fabric and particularly during the warmer climates.

Cotton is durable, sturdy, washable, and derived from a cotton plant. It does not fade easily, and it’s the ideal fabric for beddings and curtains but nor upholstery.

Standard Fabric Width
You need to check out on the fabric width before making your purchases. The average width of any fabric is 48 inches wide but the standard is 40 and 42 inches for the Indian silks, for voiles and American fabrics the width is large. Fabric like Gingham has a diameter of 60 and 72 inches.
When shopping for the fabric you to keep in mind an allowance for wasted fabric and additional fabric for the pattern and repeat. Avoid skimping on the quantity of the material since buying on a later date you can mismatch the color and pattern.

When choosing your ikat upholstery fabric consider the context of your lifestyle, durability, luxuriate and home.